Coasters, Trays, Wine Box, plate

  • Thermometer Metal (SS2763)
    Fall 2011 Release Wizard of Oz Metal Thermometer 13" x 2.8" Expected mid-October 2011 Not in Kansas Thermometer Item SS2763 $10.99
  • Jewel Box Characters (SS2751)
    We're off to see the Wizard of Oz! New for 2011 Wooden jewelry box. Mirror inside lid and a ring slot inside as well. Hinged box with closure to keep your jewelry from spilling if used for a travel case. overall size 7 X 5.5 X 3 inches deep. Item number SS2751 $25.49
  • Tray Dorothy (SS2727D)
    Dorothy Serving Tray New For 2011 Serving Tray Dorothy 9x 9 x 1.5 inches deep Nice Depth for serving. Wooden with protective coating to keep the image protected from spills! In stock Item number SS2727 $15.49
  • Trays 3 pack (35.99)
    New Product 2010 Wizard of Oz Wooden Tray pack 3 round trays great for entertaining.... Poster scenes Item number OZSS2711
  • Wine Box Poppy Field (SS2764)
    Fall 2011 Release Wizard of Oz Single Wine Box 4.6x4.5x14.2 Expected mid-October 2011 Beautifully designed single Wine Box Poppy Field - NO Place Like Home Item SS2764 $17.99 US
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