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  • Turner 30" Dolls (Turner)
    The Virginia Turner dolls have retired - the only one available is Dorothy
    Please email to place order and get the shipping price.

    Simply simply beautiful....Available by special order only- Dorothy is 32" tall with vinyl head, arms and legs. She has brown hair and eyes and wear the traditional blue and white checked dress. On her feet are the ruby red slippers. She holds a basket with a check cloth for her best friend Toto. Toto is a terrier, he is black with undertones of greay and tan. Dorothy is fully armatured for posing. Her stand is included. Retail price $560.00 The Tin Man has vinyl head, arms and legs. He is 35" tall with his funnel hat. As in the movie his eyes are blue. The head is sprayed silver, his suit is in a silver fabric with silver colored rivets. The gloved hands have bendable armatures in his fingers so he can hold his silver axe and his heart has a battery operated clock, for his very own ticker. His arms are bendable and his head turns. The heart with the watch fob and the axe are handmade. Stand included. Retail price $880.00 The Cowardly Lion is 35" tall and has a suit of two types of synthetic fur. Longer on the upper torso and his flanks. He is armatured so that you can bend his front legs, paws and back legs. His face is hand painted and has hand set whiskers around his mouth. His tail is fully armatured so it can be bent to any position. The traditional red ribbon is tied in the front of his auburn mane. Proudly he wears his badge of courage. Stand included. Retail price $880.00 The Scarecrow is 35" tall. His vinyl face is covered with cloth then hand painted. He wears a green flannel jacket with brown flannel patched pants. His tan gloves are armatured so he can hold his Diploma of Intelligence. Stand included. Retail price $880.00 All four of the dolls have hand painted features and are Made in America.. Numbered sets are available. DEPOSIT REQUIRED
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