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OZ Minis

The Ultimate Wizard of Oz Miniature Doll Set captures the charm of these unforgettable characters in an adorable new way. Dorothy, Tin Woodman, Wicked Witch of the West, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Good Witch of the North have all been carefully designed by award-winning miniature artist Debbie Sampson. From their adorable expressions—incredible for this small size!—to their hand-tailored costumes (that remain faithful to the book), every detail has been painstakingly re-created and carefully crafted. Ms. Sampson has even faithfully rendered a miniature sculpture of Toto tucked away in Dorothy’s basket! These hand-crafted miniature sculpted dolls are costumed of the finest materials, completely hand-tailored for each doll. You’ll also be amazed by the tiny accessories which have been so accurately conveyed as described in Mr. Baum’s original masterpiece. Dolls are a petite 2¾ inches (6.9 cm.) high! 6 mini figures with display Price $99.99 Item number OZBDMiniset

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